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120cm Strelitzia Nicolai | Bird of Paradise | 24cm Pot | 120cm Height

Bird of Paradise

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Commonly known as the 'Bird of Paradise' plant the Stereliza is one of the most distinctive and recognisable tropical flowers you can grow in your garden. Surprisingly easy to grow, this plant is a colourful and striking feature for your home or garden.Their distinctive orange, blue and pink flowers resemble an elegantly bird of paradise that is diving into the thick bush of pointed green foliage.

Thriving in light shade or full sun, this plant like well-drained compost rich soil and only needs light watering when the top layer of the soil begins to dry out, especially when they are young. Older plants are more drought tolerant and can survive longer without watering. Fertilize in the spring and again later in the summer and prune old leaves and flowers when you can to encourage new growth throughout the year. If using an outdoor plant we would advise planting in as pot so you are able to bring the plant inside over winter as they don't have too well in harsh cold.

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  • Pot Size: 24cm
  • Eventual Height: 150 - 200cm
  • Sun Level: Bright Indirect Light
  • Soil Type: Free Draining Compost
  • Facing: South, East, West
  • Evergreen or Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Growth Speed: Medium
  • Stem Colour: Green
  • Leaf Colour: Green
  • Ground Cover: Low
  • Position: Pots
  • Care Level: Easy to Grow
  • Soil Moisture: Medium
  • Room: Bathroom, Conservatory, Hallway, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office
  • Hardiness Rating: H1
  • Shape: Upright
  • Grown In: The Netherlands
  • Plant Height Received: 120cm

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