Grown in Britain

All of our outdoor plants are exclusively grown in Britain

This means each and every plant we sell comes from one of our carefully selected British growers.

Currently, we’re able to source around 75% of our House Plants from UK growers and we’re working hard to increase that number. The remaining 25% are grown by specialist nurseries who have invested heavily in their infrastructure in order to grow amazing exotic plants. Unfortunately this is something that doesn’t currently exist in the UK.

We want to provide the best quality plants for your home and garden so, by sourcing all of our outdoor products from British growers we can ensure that your plants will thrive in your garden throughout the year.

Why is this important?

While you may be able to get hold of other plants elsewhere, it’s likely that they’re imported from abroad, most commonly Holland. Plants that are grown in Britain have already adapted to our climate and are much more likely to thrive when planted in your garden. British growers grow plants that are most suited to your local environment and therefore more likely to survive and grow in the way that they should…big and strong!

In addition, we risk importing diseases that our native plants are not resistant to, as well as pests that have no natural predators in the UK.

Fresh and healthy plants delivered quickly

Plants sources from UK growers are much more likely to arrive to you in top condition without having spent days and weeks in their packaging being moved from place to place. Not only this, your plants can be delivered quickly because they’re already local to you.


Sustainability is a key part of our business. Our plants only travel a small distance from grower to your door which makes it a much more sustainable way to source and deliver your plants. This means your plants have covered much fewer miles, lessening the environmental impact of having your plants delivered. You are also supporting growers at home and local businesses.

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