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Pot Size Guide

Measuring Pot

Plant pots are commonly measured in Litres, Centimetres or Inches. We have created the below handy guide to make sense of the different sizes available.

9cm pots – These commonly hold shrubs, perennials and climbersup to 1 year old. This size is great value and perfect for those wanting to start small, fill a pot or create a large display on a budget. Our house plants are also available in 9cm and are great for shelves, table tops or windowsills.

Litres Centimetres Inches
0.43 9 3.5
1 13 5
2 17 6.5
3 19 7.5
4 20 8
5 22.5 9
7 25 10

1ltr & 2ltr – These pots offer slightly larger shrubs, perennials and houseplants that are that little more mature than 9cm potted plants. At this stage they offer quicker impact in your garden and are great for border displays, pots and indoor jungles.

3ltr & 4tr – These are our largest indoor house plants as well as our selection of roses and trees. This size offers instant impact in your home, transforming a room into a green paradise. Roses, fruit trees and ornamental trees are well suited to this size as it offers a nice deep pot for roots to fill.

5ltr & 7ltr – These are the largest plants we currently offer and are perfect for our larger fruit trees and ornamental trees. The size of these pots are much deeper and wider making them perfect for large root systems.

Bare Root

We sometimes offer certain plants bare root. This means they will be sent out without soil or a pot. This is perfect for dormant plants over winter and early spring, ready for you to plant in the ground and start growing for the warmer months. Bare root offers no difference in terms of quality, it’s simply down to the type of plant and time of year.

If a plant is sent bare root, we will clearly label this on the product listing, so you know exactly what you are receiving.

Why 9cm, and the rest shown in Litres?

It’s a great question and has a simple answer…. 0.43ltrs doesn’t sound very good, so the industry use 9cm for the smallest size pot, and Litres for the rest.

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