The tree like Ficus is a native of Southwest Asia and brings a simple beauty into the home. These easy to look after houseplants have a shrub like feel that make them perfect ornamental plants to accent a home or office. Typically bearing rubbery leaves of varying shapes, these house plants come in many different colours and there will be something for you to enjoy in your home.

More about your Ficus plant

Ficus trees are a common plant to find in the home or office where bring the outside in and provide an easy to care for way of bringing a space to life. Also known as the ‘weeping fig’ this genus includes rubber trees and fig fruit trees. These large trees maintain their shape as they grow so make good bonsais or large houseplants. Most Ficus trees prefer bight, but indirect light as direct light can scald the leaves. They should be kept away from dafty areas and should be kept in warmer spaces above 21 c to get the best growth. It is important to keep the air around your Ficus humid so we would recommend a pebble tray or regular misting to keep the leaves glossy and looking great.

Am I watering my Ficus enough?

Whilst Ficus trees like humidity they don't like wet roots. You should only water when the top level of soil is dry. They will need more watering in the warmer months and if you find that the soil is going drier faster than you expect it may be time to repot the plant in a larger pot. These plants are rapid growers and require plenty of nutrients to grow well. Fertilize once a month in the spring and summer and once every two months in the autumn and winter.

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Why is my Ficus losing its leaves?

Dropping leaves is a common problem with Ficus trees and is how they react to stress. If you find that your tree is dropping leaves then it could be caused by:

• Under or over watering • Low humidity • Not enough light • Drafts • Change in temperature • Pests • Recently repotted

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