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The Aechmea is an easy growing species of evergreen bromeliad that are characterised by central rosettes which their leaves grow around. These easy to look after house plants require little watering and can cope with most levels of light. Usually producing pink or purple flowers, they are a plant species that will bring colour and uniqueness into your home.

More about your Aechmea plant

It’s not difficult to see why so many houseplant lovers are drawn to these beautiful bromeliads. This genus boasts around 250 varieties and is native to Central and South America. Liking humidity these are houseplants for the bathroom or kitchen where their colourful foliage and fast-growing habits make them a wonderful feature in the home. A common trait of these plants are their spiny leaves and small pineapple like fruits.

How to care for an Aechmea

This is a great indoor or outdoor plant that thrives in shaded indirect light. They gain a lot of their nutrition from dust, so don't watering too often. Because it doesn't need much light this a houseplant that can survive in an office under fluorescent lighting.

How to water an Aechmea

This hardy Bromeliad species doesn’t take in much water from its roots as they are mainly there to anchor the plant to the soil. When watering these plants, avoid watering directly into the soil. Instead you will see that it stores water in a “tank” at in the middle of its central rosette of leaves. As long as there is plenty of water in this tank your plant will be well hydrated, but ensure than every now and then you replace this water to stop it going stagnant and attracting pests or diseases.

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