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The Alocasia or ‘Elephant Ear’ is a tropical houseplant native to Asia and Eastern Australia. Characterised by broad, rubbery leaves, these tall plants become an excellent feature wherever they are placed. Their leaves showcase all shades of a green, and variegated varieties produce contrasting displays that will easily draw the eye.


More about your Alocasia plant

Sometimes called the ‘African Mask’. The Alocasia is a tropical plant species that draws attention. In the right conditions these are fast growing houseplant, but they can be sensitive. Alocasia survive best in big posts where they will grow quickly and produce abundant foliage in the warmer months. These plants do have toxic leaves so should be handled with care and kept away from pets.

How to look after an Alocasia

As a tropical species, the alocasia likes light and heat and should be placed in bright areas with a little direct light but away from draughty windows or doors. Keep the water moist all year and mist regularly to keep the leaves looking glossy and healthy.

Should I fertilize my Alocasia?

As a fast-growing plant, it is helpful to fertilize your Alocasia during the warmer months to help it maintain consistent growth. Feed once a month with liquid fertilizer during this time or once every two months with a small amount of granular fertilizer.

How do I keep pests off my Alocasia?

The Alocasia can be a sensitive plant and is attractive to some pests like aphids and spider mites. To keep your plant pest free we recommend you spray the plant lightly with warm soapy water every few weeks, If you develop a bigger problem then apply Neem oil to kill the bugs and their eggs.

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