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Alpine plants are also known as rockery plants, originating from mountainous or rock regions. These plants are extremely tolerant of a wide range of weather conditions, making them perfect for beginners or providing colour to the professionals garden all-year round.

You don’t need a rockery to grow alpine plants, they’re also perfect for garden borders, troughs and flowerbeds. We stock a range of shade loving, sun loving and easy care alpine plants so take a look at our range of alpine plants for sale and start planning your own rockery.

More about Alpine Plants


Alpine plants and rockery plants contain a mixture of hardy, semi-woody plants, and low growing herbaceous perennial plants. As a result of evolving and growing in mountainous regions, these plants are generally very tough and will survive in a range of environments. This makes them perfect for both beginner gardeners and our UK climate.

Alpine plants flower at varying times of the year which will allow you to keep your garden in colour all-year round. Rockery plants provide the perfect way to create an eye catching, low maintenance display in your garden. They key to a thriving rockery is good drainage.

Alpines can be planted at any time of the year but planting them in autumn or spring helps them to become established much more quickly. The best planting time will depend on the individual plant so, if you’re not sure, always check the packaging once you’ve received your plant.

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