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Producing beautiful heart shaped flowers, the Anthurium is an ornamental houseplant that would be a great addition to the home. The impressive flowers produce stunning displays of colour that range from bright pink to deep red so you will find one to suit any colour scheme. Easy to look after, and requiring minimal watering, these low-maintenance house plants are the ideal choice to add to your home or as a gift

More about your Anthurium plant

A herbaceous epiphyte native to tropical America, the Anthurium are known for their brightly coloured flowers and ornamental leaves that have earned them the name ‘painted tongue’. The red heart shaped flowers on these plants are waxy leaves called spathes. These popular foliage plants are easy to grow and can survive both indoors and indoors.

Looking after your Anthurium

These exotic houseplants like bright, but indirect sunlight and need to be grown in well-draining soil with good water retention if you want the best results. As an epiphyte, this plant will naturally use other plants or objects for support so we would recommend a plant support if you want to see taller growth.

Because they are tropical plants they don't like drafty areas or places where the temperature fluctuates a lot, so you will need to factor this in when thinking of where to put your plant. You should water the plant thoroughly once a week in the summer and fortnightly in the winter, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. You can add diluted fertilizer to the water once every other month to get vibrant colours and optimal growth.

In the winter Anthurium plants benefit from a six week rest period in a cooler area (around 15 degrees) with little watering. This will encourage the plant to produce more abundant flowers in the following growing season.

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