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Bedding plants are perfect for adding colour to your garden borders, hanging baskets, flower beds and pots. With a long growing season, bedding plants will provide beautiful decorative displays in your garden all summer and even into the autumn months. 

Bedding plants are usually annual which means they germinate, grow, flower and are removed within a single season. This means you can change your displays every year and enjoy the many varieties of bedding plants available. Take a look at our range of bedding plants for sale and create beautiful decorative displays in your garden.

More about Bedding Plants


Bedding plants will provide bright colour as well as beautiful scents to your garden throughout the summer. They will thrive in pots, hanging baskets, beds and borders, so you can fill your full garden and patio with bold, bright displays.

They’re also perfect for filling in the gaps between plants that are not yet in bloom. You should always wait until after the first frost has passed in May to early June before planting bedding plants. These plants are simple to plant for gardening beginners, you simply take them out of their containers when they arrive and plant them in a suitable place in your garden.

Our bedding plants provide an instant display for your garden. Before buying bedding plants, take some time to research and find out which plants are compatible with the soil, light and drainage conditions of your garden. This will ensure you get the most from your plants and will allow them to thrive.

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