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Differentiated from their outdoor cousins by jagged foliage, these tender perennial house plants bring stunning displays of colour and texture into your home. Their attractive foliage combines bold shapes with strong colours offering silver, red and green leaves that come in a variety of gorgeous patterns. These popular house plants are low-maintenance and provide your indoor space with character and flair.

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More about your Begonia plant

A popular plant for the home and garden bed, species of begonia can be found in all tropical and subtropical regions. They come in variegated and block colour varieties and are distinctive for their ruffled petals and bright colours.

Caring for your Begonia

Overwatering is the biggest danger posed to a begonia. These tropical houseplants only need light watering once a week and you should allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. If they are kept in a cooler place, then they can last longer without water. You can bring the best out of your begonias by adding some humidity with a pebble tray or light misting once a week or so.

Where should I put my Begonia?

These plants love bright, but indirect light so should be placed in East, West or South-facing window. They don't like drafty spaces and should be moved away from the window if you begin to see any wilting or burning of the leaves.

How should I pot my Begonia?

Begonias can be a bit fussy , they like to be slightly root bound, so prefer smaller pots over having too much room. Only repot if the plant begins to wilt or you find the soil drying out quickly. When repotting only do so into a slightly larger pot.

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