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Bromeliad plants are an exotic houseplant that eill bring a tropical touch to your home. They bring interesting textures and colours to your interior design, and their pineapple like fruits will become a interesting feature for guests to look at. These low- maintainance houseplants need light watering and ill thrive in bright areas with a bit of moisture.


More about your indoor Bromeliad

The Bromeliad is a diverse family of plants with over 2,800 distinct species and there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing one that is well adapted to indoor life. All bromeliads come from tropical regions where they grow on shady forest floors or are attached to trees. This means they are adapted to warm and humid environments. If you can successfully replicate this in the home then you will happy a happy, healthy and vibrant plant.

Indoor Bromeliad Care

Bromeliads have a wide variety of lighting preferences, to find out what your particular bromeliad likes check its product page or the care instructions that come with it.

Because they are tropical plants, Bromeliads have adapted to be drought resistant so are more tolerant of under watering than overwatering. Water the soil only when the top few inches has gone dry, and then only water until it is damp. A lot of bromeliads have a cavity in the middle of their flower rosette, this is designed to catch and store rainwater. You should fill this cavity with water (preferably rainwater) so your plant can regulate its own water intake. You should refresh the water in this tank regularly to ensure the water doesn't go stagnant.

Indoor Bromeliads like humidity and without it they will struggle in a home environment. These are great houseplants for the bathroom or kitchen, but if they are kept anywhere else in the house you will need to either use a pebble tray or regularly mist the leaves to keep the plant happy.

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