This diverse species of spiny succulent are the go to beginner houseplant as they are low maintenance and hard to kill. Most species boast spiky foliage, but all produce great colour and interesting shapes. Requiring very little watering, these plants add an interesting feature into your indoor space whilst not taking up all of your time. Perfect for the office, new plant owner or student.

More about your Cactus

A cactus is a great hardy houseplant to bring into your home. Their interesting shapes and flowers make them a great decorative plant. Native to the Americas, these plants are found in areas of drought and have adapted to needing little water, so you will actually benefit more from under watering and overwatering, making them easy to look after.

How do I get my cactus to flower?

All cacti are flowering plants, but all will do so at different rates. They will only flower on new growth, so you need to simulate it’s natural environment. You can do this by moving the plant to a cold and dry place with some light over winter and stop watering it. This will cause the plant to go dormant, In the spring you can move it back to its normal place where new growth will soon turn into flowers.

Is a cactus a succulent?

Yes, because they store water in their leaves or stems all cacti are succulents but they are defined by their ability to grow spines.

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