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A popular indoor plant, Calathea varieties produce elongated oval leaves that usually display a striped design of contrasting colours that will become a focal point to your home or office. Calathea house plants are air purifying, so not only do they make your space look great, you can enjoy all of the health benefits too. 

More about your Calathea plant

Native to the Brazilian rainforest, the Calathea was given the name ‘prayer plant’ because of how its leaves fold together at night. These tropical houseplants should be put somewhere with bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves so try to keep in a shaded area if you can.

Calathea prefer soil that is slightly moist, so you should lightly water whenever the soil has gone dry. If you see the leaves going yellow or brown, then you should increase your watering and these hardy plants will quickly recover. Because they are native to the rainforest these plants appreciate a bit of humidity, so will do well with regular misting, being put on a pebble tray or being placed in a humid room like the bathroom or kitchen. To get good and even growth you should rotate the plant periodically so that all sides of the plant have good access to light.

Should I fertilize my Calathea?

Your calathea will thrive if you add some diluted liquid fertilizer to your plant once a month from early spring to late autumn.

How often should I repot my Calathea?

We suggest repotting your plant once every 12 -18 months. When doing so you should choose a new pot that is 1-2 inches larger in diameter to allow for extra growth. If you find that the soil is remaining wet for longer after a few repotting’s then your plant has probably reached its maximum size.

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