Sometimes call the autograph tree, the Clusia is a evergreen ornamental houseplant that sprouts small tender foliage that brings a delicate feature into the home. Low maintenance, and hard to kill, this hardy house plant would be a great addition to your home.

More about your Clusia plant

Native to the American tropics, the Clusia is a flowering houseplant that is sometimes called the ‘signature plant’ because their leaves retain an image drawn onto them. Because of its harsh natural habitat these plants have adapted to be hardy houseplants that are easy to look after.

How often should I water my Clusia?

These plants like slightly moist soil and are benefitted more by under watering than overwatering. You should make sure that your soil is well draining as the Clusia is susceptible to root rot in wet soil. Water lightly once a week, increasing this if needed between march and august. For the best results you should put your Clusia in a bright but shaded space, ideally in a north, east or west-facing window.

How tall will my Clusia grow?

Clusia are moderately fast upward growing shrubs. Final size will be determined by a few different factors like pot size and conditions, but mainly will be determined by variety. Outdoor Clusia have been known to grow up to 25 feet tall, but a house variety will be a lot smaller than this. For more accurate sizes consult the individual product descriptions.

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