Bring vibrant, colourful displays into your home with this variety of tropical Houseplant. With orange, red and green colouring to their leaves, these low-maintenance plants love warm places, and would really bring life to a kitchen or humid bathroom.

More about your Croton plant

These colourful evergreen houseplants are native to the Western Pacific and have been a popular choice for new houseplant owners for years. They are easy to look after and bring colour to any space. They get their names from the Greek word for tick which was given to them because of the shape of their leathery leaves that darken as they age.

Crotons like environments that replicate the tropical regions they are adapted to so don't be afraid of putting your plant in full, indirect light. The more light these plants get, the more colourful the leaves will become, and the more colourful your home will look. Crotons are plants that like warm, humid environments so will benefit from a pebble tray, regular misting or being placed in a bathroom or kitchen.

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