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Prayer plants are some of the most elegant houseplants you can find. Native to tropical regions, these plants have distinctively designed oval leaves that grow out at interesting angles. Easy to look after and impactful, these plants are a great choice for the beginner who wants to add a unique feature to their home.

More about your Prayer plant

Native to the American tropics these plants get their name from their leaves which close at night like they are in prayer. These plants are easy to look after and make a great addition to the home.

How to grow a Prayer Plant

Prayer plants love greenhouse like conditions with plenty of airflow. You should set your plant near a window where it will receive bright, but indirect sunlight. Never put your plant in direct sunlight or you risk scorching the leaves. If light levels are too low the plant will go dormant and stop growing.

What soil should I plant my Prayer Plant in?

Prayer plants prefer acidic soil. Using a peat-based potting mix with a pH of 5.5 to 6.0 is a great option, but you can also mix two parts sphagnum to one part loamy soil for a more homemade option. Make sure you keep the soil well-draining so you don't overwatered your plant.

How do you water a Prayer Plant?.

Water frequently during the spring and summer, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Do not let water sit on the leaves or they may develop fungal problems. If the leaves begin to turn yellow the leaves will begin turning yellow. Reduce the frequency of watering in the winter, this allows the plant to go dormant and be ready for increased growth come the spring.

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