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Ideal for beginners, the pothos is an easy to look after house plant species that will grow well in most rooms or offices. Native to French Polynesia, these tropical indoor plants need little watering and some minimal misting to keep their succulent leaves looking their best. These plants have a trailing habit and look great if placed high or on a bookshelf.

More about your Pothos plant

Often considered to be a great houseplant for beginners the Pothos is a trailing indoor plant that is easy to look after and add some greenery to your home. Sometimes called the ‘Devils Ivy’ this plant is native to Northern Australia and Southeast Asia.

Caring for your Pothos

Pothos care is simple and low-maintenance and make great plants for a bathroom or office. They do well in direct sunlight and variegated varieties will lose their brilliance in lower light. As a tropical plant, they like moisture and benefit from regular misting or being placed on a pebble tray, they also do well in a steamy bathroom or kitchen.

How much water does my Pothos need ?

Water lightly when the top few inches of the soil are dry, and fertilize weekly in the summer with a good quality fertilizer.

Are Pothos plants poisonous?

Whilst these plants are good for beginners you should be careful as the leaves and sap are toxic, but not fatally so. Keep away from children cats and dogs and do not ingest the leaves or sap of these plants.

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