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These unique succulents really are a great feature for your home, combining shape and colour into a display that really is a showstopper. These easy to look after house plants need little water, and will thrive in most lighting conditions, making them suitable for the home or office.

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More about your Euphorbia plant

Euphorbia are small flowering plants that can be found across the world and often known as ‘spurges’. This diverse genus is highly adaptive and can be found from Africa, where they look more like cacti, to Europe, where they take in the form if bush shrubs. They are distinct from other plant varieties by their milky, latex like sap that can be toxic in certain species. These hardy plants will be great anywhere in your home and can tolerate most environments.

These fast-growing plants are herbaceous perennials that will grow in most conditions. They like moist, well-draining soil and should be positioned where it can receive bright, but indirect sunlight. Flowering Euphorbia’s should be deadheaded as soon as the flower begins to wilt in order to encourage new growth, and tall varieties may need some support from a stake.

Are Euphorbia’s poisonous?

The milky sap of the Euphorbia is toxic and will cause skin irritation if mishandled. You should wear gloves whenever handling these plants, and always keep them away from areas where they may come in contact with unsupervised children or pets. Do not ingest the sap and wash your hands immediately if you do come into contact with the sap. However most species of Euphorbia that you buy for use in the home are a lot less toxic than their wild counterparts.

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