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The Homalomena has distinctive heart shaped leaves that create a space filling display of shape and colour that is accented by a slight smell of anise that works together to create a calm atmosphere in a room. These easy to care for houseplants are a beginners dream, and would make a great gift.

More about your Homalomena plant

Homalomena are relatively new on the houseplant scene but have quickly become a favourite. These tropical plants are native to Columbia, Costa Rica and Malaysia and so far over 150 species have been found. They are easy to grow and are can tolerate light conditions making them a perfect houseplant for the office or home.

Closely related to the Philodendron, these tropical plants like to be put in a warmer part of the house between 16-32 C but can tolerate temperatures as low as 4c but you will see slower growth. Homalomena houseplants prefer medium to low light environments. Bright and direct light may scorch the leaves of your plant, so if you are putting them in a room with more light, ensure they are well shaded.

How much water does a Homalomena need?

Homalomena like damp soil that is just saturated. If the soil is damp to the touch or sticks to your finger, then you are fine. For the best results ensure that your soil and pit are well draining so there is less chance of overwatering. You should also mist the leaves of your plant once a week to keep them glossy and healthy. Your plant will tell you if it is getting enough water or not – if the leaves begin to go brown then you are under watering, if they are going brown you need to mist the leaves more frequently. If the foliage starts to go yellow then you are overwatering.

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