These Australasian trailing houseplants are the ideal choice if you want to create green displays that impress from floor to ceiling. Coming in a variety of shapes and colours the typically succulent leaves of these hanging plants cascade over the edge of their pot to create curtains of greenery that will brighten up any bookshelf or dark corner. These low-maintenance houseplants are a beginners dream, and would make a great gift or decoration for a student flat.

More about your Hoya plant

Hoyas are as popular houseplants that are distinctive for their waxy flowers or leaves which give them the nicknames ‘wax plants’ or ‘porcelain plants’. They are native to China and Bangladesh and are largely evergreen perennials that can thrive both indoors or outdoors. These plants grow at a moderate to slow rate but will thrive in bright, but shaded spaces. Direct light will scorch the leaves so avoid placing them directly next to sunny windows.

How often should I water my Hoya?

Your Hoya will do well in lightly watered soil. Let the soil dry out before watering, and only water until it is damp to the touch. You should make sure your soil is well draining so it less likely to become waterlogged. They will need more water on the warmer months. You will get better results from under watering than overwatering, so you have some leeway.

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