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With delicate succulent leaves, the Peperomia is an ornamental houseplant that looks great and requires little maintenance. With gentle variegated leaves these houseplants add soft colours and textures to your home. These plants love humidity so would do well in a bathroom or kitchen where they will be welcome additions for years to come.

More about your Peperomia plant

The Peperomia is a slow growing flowering houseplant that is low-maintenance and great for beginners. Also known as a ‘radiator plant’ we know of over 1000 Peperomia varieties, all sharing ornamental foliage that is both delicate and glossy.

How do you take care of a Peperomia?

These easy to look after houseplants are hard to kill and are great indoor plants for beginners. They need medium to bright shaded light for most of the day, If you are seeing less leaf growth than you expected then move to a more sunny area. Peperomia prefer to be on the dry side, so ensure that your pot and soil are well draining and only water once the top few inches of soil are dry to the touch. To keep the leaves glossy and vibrant you should also consider misting the leaves once a week or putting your plant on a pebble tray.

Should I fertilize Peperomia?

The peperomia is a slow growing houseplant so doesn’t need to be fertilized to still look great. These plants will get all their nutrients from the soil, so fertilizing isn't needed if you have a food quality potting mix.

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