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These easy to care for houseplants are a popular indoor plant that would be a great fit for the home or office. The Philodendron is characterised by broad strap leaves that come in many shapes and colours but are guaranteed to add space filling displays of colour into your space. These air purifying houseplants will naturally filter our any impurities in the air, making any space feel as fresh as it will look.

More about your Philodendron plant

Philodendrons have been a staple of indoor garden design for decades. These houseplants are adaptive to new conditions so are great indoor plants for beginners. Thriving well indoors, these plants can benefit from being placed outside in a shaded space every now and then to give them a boost, and unlike most houseplants this doesn’t stress a philodendron.

How much light does a Philodendron need?

Philodendron’s will look after themselves if their basic needs are met. You should put your plant in a bright space with indirect light. Older leaves will turn yellow as they age, but if you find a lot of yellowing leaves then the plant is receiving too much light. A Philodendron that is not receiving enough light will become leggy and the leaves will grow sparsely.

How often should I water a Philodendron?

You should only water when the top inch of soil is dry. Philodendrons only require light watering and the leaves will begin to droop if you are over or under watering.

For more information about caring for your Philodendron plants, read our guide. 

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