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This evergreen houseplant species is characterised by pointed oval leaves that sit on thick woody stems and are a great addition to the home that will automatically add volume and colour to a space. They will produce flowers in the summer and are a low maintenance indoor plant that will look great in a conservatory or hallway.


More about your Plumeria plant

Plumeria plants or ‘Frangipani’ are actually small trees that are native to Mexico and the Caribbean. They produce delicate fragrant flowers that are traditionally used in Hawaiian leis that are offset by bushy green foliage. These plants come in a variety of colours to suit every space.

How to grow Plumeria Plants

Although they are a tropical species the plumeria is a hardy deciduous shrub that can adapt to a lot of different conditions. They are tolerant of most soils as long as they are well-draining. You should place the plant somewhere where it will receive around six hours of indirect sunlight a day. These plants do struggle with the cold so should be placed in a sheltered space where they make a great ornamental shrub as part of a larger display. You can overwinter these plants indoors or in a greenhouse until the spring when temperatures will be right for them to thrive. 

Watering a Plumeria needs to be done weekly and deeply. They don't like having wet roots so you should water only when the soil has gone dry and only until it is slightly damp. Make sure your soil is well draining to reduce the chance of it becoming waterlogged.

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