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The Rhaphidophora is a species of houseplant native to Australasia and are sometimes called the ‘Mini Monstera ’ because of their size and distinctive leaves. These air purifying houseplants will not just make a room look great, but make it feel great.

More about your Rhaphidophora plant

The Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is a tropical houseplant with split leaves that make it look like a species of Monstera. Sometimes called the ‘Mini Monstera’ the broad leaves of this plant bring a great and impressive display into the home.

How much light does a Rhaphidophora need?

This plant thrives in bright indirect light making it ideal for an east-facing room where it will get morning light and shade for the rest of the day. They can tolerate lower lighting conditions, but if the foliage begins to wilt or go yellow you will need to move it to a brighter space.

How to Water Rhaphidophora

Watering is the most important aspect of Rhaphidophora plant care. They like to be in moist soil, but don't like their roots to be wet. You should only water your plant when the top inch of soil has dried. If the leaves turn yellow you are over watering and should reduce either the frequency or amount of water you are giving.

Repotting a Rhaphidophora

These tropical houseplants are vigorous growers and will need repotting at least once a year, If you don't repot then you will find that the growth of your plant is slowed and the roots may begin to damage your pot. To repot a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma,you should follow the following step:

• Gently remove the root ball by pulling the stems out of the pot • Carefully remove excess soil from the roots • Trim off any dead or decaying roots • Half-fill the new pot with soil • Place your plant in the new pot so that it’s growing at the same height as before • Fill the remaining space with fresh potting soil

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