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These trailing houseplants are members of the cacti family and are distinctive for their delicate herb like leaves. The plants look great on a bookshelf or high space where they will cascade gently over their pots to create fantastic displays of colour. These easy to look after house plants would be a great addition to any indoor space.

More about your Rhipsalis plant

The Rhipsalis is a species of spineless Cacti that are quickly becoming a household favourite. They are easy to care for houseplants and their delicate foliage will quickly become a great addition to the home.

How to look after Rhipsalis house plants

Rhipsalis like bright, but indirect sunlight and you will be best placed near a window where they get the strongest light in the morning. Avoid putting these plants in a windowsill as the light will likely be strong enough to burn the leaves.

Your Rhipsalis will need regular watering and should be lightly watered whenever the top few inches of the soil have gone dry. However, this plant is more tolerant of under watering than overwatering. If the soil is too wet and not properly draining, your plant may develop weak stems and root rot. The Rhipsalis will tell you when it needs to be watered so pay attention to it ; if the tendrils start to pucker and become pliable then the plant needs watering, if the foliage begins to turn brown then you have waited too long and should water as soon as you can.

Does Rhipsalis flower?

In the wild they will flower with small flowers that may develop into berries. If the conditions are right then your Rhipsalis will flower indoors.

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