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The glossy palmate leaves of the Schefflera droop elegantly to give this variety the nickname of the ‘Umbrella Plant’. These easy to look after houseplants are great for beginners and showcase beautiful displays of mixed green leaves that will brighten up a space.

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More about your Schefflera plant

The Schefflera is a popular houseplant native to Taiwan and sometimes called the ‘dwarf umbrella tree’ because of its palmate leaves that fan out to create umbrella like canopies. These are easy to look after evergreen houseplants that need little care to provide a stunning display, making them an ideal office plant as well as ornamental option for the home.

Schefflera plant care

Place in bright, but indirect light and keep away from direct contact with windows as this will burn the leaves. If you find that your plant is becoming leggy or it begins to droop it needs more light and should be moved as soon as you can do so. Make a point to rotate the pot every few days to ensure that all of the plant has exposure to the light. This will encourage more uniform growth.

Water when most of the soil has gone dry and only give it enough to make the soil damp to the touch. You will get better results from under watering this plant so make sure the soil and pot you put it in are well-draining. If the leaves begin to yellow then you are overwatering,

Should I fertilize my Schefflera?

No, you do not need to fertilize your Schefflera as it may kill the roots if you use too much. If you feel your plant needs an extra boost, then you can give it a very diluted liquid fertalizer no more than once a year.

Are Schefflera plants poisonous?

The Schefflera can be toxic if the leaves or sap are ingested. It is recommended you keep this plant away from pets and children and wash your hands thoroughly after directly handling your plant.

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