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The backbone of any garden, shrubs are easy to care for and will help to keep your garden looking colourful all year round. Shrubs add texture, fill space and add interest to any garden, and with a variety of shapes, sizes and types, will transform your garden every season.

With our range of shrubs, we can help make sure your garden’s decorated for every season by choosing plants that bloom at various times of the year. Take a look at our full range of garden shrubs.

More about Shrub Plants


Garden shrubs are low maintenance plants that will provide structure and, if you choose them carefully, colour to your garden all year round. They come in many different varieties and are deciduous, evergreen or fragrant. Choosing different varieties will help you to enjoy flowers in spring, colours in autumn and evergreen shrubs that provide colour throughout the winter.

Garden shrubs are perfect for providing shelter for birds and other small wildlife as well as providing the backbone to any garden border or bed. Hardy and evergreen shrubs can also be more resistant to harsher weather conditions, making them more likely to survive in the winter.

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