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The ‘Peace Lily’ has been a favourite houseplant for years and brings elegance and refinement into your home. These tropical houseplants will flower from the spring on, and will filter out any impurities from the air making them a great choice to improve both the look at atmosphere of a room.

More about your Spathiphyllum plant

More commonly known as the ‘peace lily’, the Spathiphyllum is a low light, easy to look after houseplant that brings a refined look into your home.

Spathiphyllum care

The Spathiphyllum can tolerate low lights, making it an ideal office plant, but the more light they have the more impressive their flowers will be. Ideally you want to put this plant in a bright place without any indirect natural light.

Keep the soil moist, but not wet, and water thoroughly when the soil begins to dry out. Make sure you have a well – draining pot as your plant will not like sitting in excess water. This houseplant will do best if put away from cold of warm draughts to keep a steady temperature.

Is Spathiphyllum air purifying?

Yes, and it does it well. The Spathiphyllum was put through its paces by NASA in a test to see how plants could be used to purify air in spacecraft. The Sansevieria came out near the top of the list, this air-purifying house plant filters out toxins from the air leaving you with a cleaner feeling room.

My Spathiphyllum isn't blooming

This is usually a sign that your plant is not receiving enough light or water. Reposition your plant and adjust your watering schedule and you should see some quick changes from this hardy indoor plant.

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