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The Tradescantia is a delicate hanging houseplant that displays muted colours that hide hints of silver and purple that will bring welcome colour into room. A native plant of the Americas that can be found from Alaska to Argentina, they are a pretty hardy and low-maintenance indoor plant that can survive in most conditions.

More about your Tradescantia plant

These herbaceous perennials are great hanging plants for the home. They are easy to look after and bring a dazzling display of colour into your space who’s trailing nature sees it affectionately called ‘the wandering Jew’ after the figure in folklore.

How to look after your Tradescantia

Preferring bright, but indirect light, the colour on the leaves of these plants will dull to green in lower light conditions. Try to find a spot that has light at the beginning of the day and shade for the rest of it . If the leaves start to droop and change colour the light is too low so you should consider moving it to a brighter spot.

Water moderately, avoid standing water; the soil can be left to dry out a bit between waterings. If the leaf edges turn brown, the humidity is too low. These plants do not like draughty areas, so try to keep away from them if possible.

Is Tradescantia Toxic?

The sap of this plant is irritable to the skin and is toxic if ingested. Keep pets away from these plants if you have them , and always directly handle them with gloves. Wash your hands after handling them and do so with gloves if you need to touch the plant directly.

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