This species of perennial shrub is a native of the Caribbean, and its evergreen leaves create year round colour that will brighten any room. Noted for its sword like leaves, this tropical houseplant will produce tall stalks of flowers that can range from crisp white to vibrant pink.

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More about your Yucca

These ornamental evergreen houseplants are notable for their rosettes of sword-shaped leaves and large white flowers. These plants are stylish and low maintenance making them great indoor plants for beginners.

How to care for Yucca plants

These Caribbean natives have adapted to drier conditions which makes them overly sensitive to overwatering and can go for long periods without water. You only need to water when the top few inches of soil are dry. You will only need to water this plant once or twice a month in winter and spring, and you should increase this slightly during the warmer months. Make sure your pot and soil are well-draining as it does not tolerate too wet soil for long before it begins to develop root and trunk rot.

To get the best growth from your Yucca you should try to keep it at a constant temperature as much as possible. Preferably you should put the plant in a warm, dry place where there are no draughts and lots of bright, indirect light, so a south facing window with net curtains to filter the light would be an ideal growing spot for this plant. To get uniform growth, turn your plant every week to evenly distribute the light on the plant. If your plant starts to become leggy and spindly, it is not getting enough light and should be moved to a brighter space where it will quickly recover.

Is a Yucca toxic?

Yuccas can be mildly toxic to pets so they should be kept away from animals.

Should I repot my Yucca?

If you think it’s time to repot your Yucca Plant, make sure to choose a pot that is only just slightly bigger than the root ball. Avoid planting in a pot that’s too big as the plant may find it hard to use all the water in the compost.

Use a general potting soil with a mixture of sand and pebbles for good drainage. Remove the Yucca Plant from its current pot, add compost to the bottom of the new pot, and place the root ball in. Fill in any gaps with the rest of the compost. Yucca Plants prefer to be slightly rootbound in smaller pots so only repot every few years.

Do I need to prune my Yucca?

Yucca plants need little pruning. Remove any damaged or dead stems or canes when you see them.

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