20 - 30cm Aglaonema Pink Star Chinese Evergreen 12cm Pot House Plant

House Plant
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Also known as the Chinese Evergreen, the Aglaonema is a slow growing, decorative houseplant. This evergreen perennial species is native to Asia and New Guinea and is characterised by rounded leaves which can display colours from deep green to silver and bright red. Perfect for a new grower, this easy to care for plant is air-purifying and hardy, meaning you can have great colour displays in your home with minimal effort. But it won't just increase the aesthetics of your room - the air-purifying leaves of this Dracaena will also increase its atmosphere by removing toxins from the air which will help to improve all round wellbeing.

This slow growing indoor plant doesn't like too much light, so they are great plants for small flats or offices, however you will need to vary the position of each individual plant based on the lightness of is variegation; the lighter the variegation the more light it needs. If you get this right, then you will have a long-lasting houseplant. You should also consider heat and humidity when deciding where to put this plant, it will thrive in a bathroom or kitchen or benefit from regular misting. but Being a tropical species, they don't really like draughty areas, so it's best to keep them away from window vents if you can They also like humidity making them a great conservatory or bathroom plant. When the top inch of the soil has become dry you should water it lightly until it is damp to the touch.

  • Our plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any decorative pots or props are not included.
  • This plant is not for consumption

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