Coarse Orchid Bark 2.5ltr

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Growing orchids can one of the more difficult challenges for the gardening enthusiast. They require very specific levels of water and air in their soil that can be hard to achieve with a lot of soil mixes. But don't let that put you off of trying to grow these wonderful plants, as this orchid bark is just the solution you need.

These bark chips are a natural and sustainable soil conditioner that provides both aeration and drainage. As you water these plants, this material will absorb small amounts of water whilst letting the rest drain away. It will quickly leech this water back into the soil as the plant needs it, and will soon dry out which ideal for those plants that are easy to overwater. The quick drainage will reduce the possibility of bacterial or fungal growth that can damage the roots and stunt the growth of your plant. This bark will slowly decompose over time, returning nutrition to soil and increasing the amount of time you will need between repotting.

This course bark will provide the fastest drainage of any bark, and is ideal for plants that love dry soil.

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