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Perennial Plants

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The Senecio is a species of large succulent-like plants that are native to the Mediterranean. Their succulent leaves come in many shapes, iszes and colours, but with each variety you are guaranteed a low-maintenance plant that will bring life and texture to your space. Suitable for borders, beds, rock gardens, containers and hanging baskets, the Senecio is a versatile plant that brings a . . . Read More >

Care Guides

How to repot an Alocasia

How to repot an Alocasia

If your Alocasia plant has stopped growing or its growth has slown down, and you have made no changes to your care routine it is likely that your Alocasia has outgrown its current...
Are Alocasia plants poisonous?

Are Alocasia plants poisonous?

The Alocasia is one of the most popular houseplants in the UK. Their large, showy leaves make them a stunning feature in your home. However, if you have pets and children, you may need to...
Alocasia Propagation Guide

Alocasia Propagation Guide

Propagating your Alocasia plants allows you to fill your space with these wonderful plants, and lets you give them as cheap, but effective gifts to friends and family. In this guide we will...
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