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Senetti Deep Blue 2ltr

Perennial Plants

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The Senetti or ‘common ragwort’ is a flowering perennial plant that is native to the Canary Islands of the Uk. This early flowering species produces large daisy-like flowers that sit on a bed of small, herbaceous foliage. The flowers of this plant are a deep blue colour that creates a bright bed that looks great in the middle of a perennial border. This upright and bushy plant will rebloom every year so will provide a reliable and exciting addition to your space. This plant will thrive in pots and containers, making it a great patio plant as well as a bedding plant.

Where to grow Senetti?

Plant your Senetti in a location with well-draining, peat rich soil that receives sun throughout the day. Choose a location is that shaded from cold, harsh winds, if possible, to give your plant the best chance to thrive.

How to grow Senetti?

When you first introduce your plant to your garden, water it well for the first two months to help the plant establish itself. Once establish water lightly only when the top layer of the soil has become dry. Add some liquid fertilizer to your watering mix in the spring to help give your plant a boost in the beginning of the growing season. Deadhead plants as you see them beginning to fade to encourage new growth throughout the growing season. When the flower stops blooming for the year, cut it back to about half of its size so it’s ready to grow in the next year.

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