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40cm Anthurium Clarinervium | 12cm pot | 40cm Height

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This heart leafed Anthurium shows off deep white veins on each leaf, with a velvety feel. Guaranteed to be the centrepiece of any design scheme this indoor plant is happiest in a bright corner of a bright room such as a dining room or study. Water once a week, ensuring you keep the soil damp but not Moist. On mature plants, small flowers may grow, but they are rare.
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  • Pot Size: 12cm
  • Eventual Height: 50 - 75cm
  • Sun Level: Bright Indirect Light
  • Soil Type: Free Draining Compost
  • Facing: South, East, West
  • Evergreen or Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Growth Speed: Medium
  • Stem Colour: Green
  • Leaf Colour: Green
  • Ground Cover: Low, Medium
  • Position: Pots
  • Care Level: Low Care
  • Soil Moisture: Medium
  • Room: Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office
  • Hardiness Rating: H1
  • Shape: Upright
  • Grown In: The Netherlands
  • Plant Height Received: 40cm
  • Icons: Rare Plant

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