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What are aerial roots and why are they important?

by Plants for all Seasons 15 Mar 2023

Aerial roots are roots that grow from a plant's stem or branches above the soil surface. They are common in many plant species, particularly those that naturally grow in tropical or wet environments, where nutrients and water may be scarce or unevenly distributed. Some popular houseplants with aerial roots include epiphytes like orchids, bromeliads, and many climbing species like pothos and philodendrons.

Aerial roots serve several important functions for plants:

  1. Support and anchorage: In climbing or vining plants, aerial roots help the plant attach itself to a support structure, such as a tree trunk, rock, or trellis. This allows the plant to grow upwards and access more sunlight.

  2. Water and nutrient absorption: For epiphytic plants that grow on other plants or surfaces, aerial roots help absorb water and nutrients directly from the surrounding environment, such as rainfall, humidity, or decaying organic matter.

  3. Propagation: Some plants with aerial roots can grow new plants from these roots when they come into contact with soil or a suitable growing medium. This is a method of vegetative propagation, allowing the plant to spread and colonize new areas.

  4. Gas exchange and respiration: In some species, aerial roots play a role in gas exchange, which is essential for respiration. These roots are often referred to as pneumatophores and are commonly found in plants growing in waterlogged or oxygen-poor soils, such as mangroves.

  5. Structural stability: In certain species like the banyan tree, aerial roots grow downwards from branches and eventually reach the ground, providing additional support to the plant's structure and helping it spread out over a large area.

Aerial roots are an adaptation that allows plants to survive and thrive in a variety of environments with unique challenges. For houseplants, understanding the function of aerial roots can help you provide the appropriate care, ensuring that your plants remain healthy and continue to grow.

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