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Coarse Pumice 2.5ltr

Houseplant Substrates

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If you want to add structure to your soil that provides Aeration and improves drainage, then pumice could be the ideal solution for you. This mined volcanic rock is pockmarked with small holes and edges that provides a strong foundation for your plant roots to grow around, and hold onto, anchoring it into the soil and providing stability. Pumice has a porous structure that will hold onto some of the water from the soil, releasing it slowly and providing a good balance of moisture. This course pumice will allow for faster drainage and is better at loosening heavy soils.

Care Guides

How to repot an Alocasia

How to repot an Alocasia

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Are Alocasia plants poisonous?

Are Alocasia plants poisonous?

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Alocasia Propagation Guide

Alocasia Propagation Guide

Propagating your Alocasia plants allows you to fill your space with these wonderful plants, and lets you give them as cheap, but effective gifts to friends and family. In this guide we will...
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