15 - 30cm Philodendron Billietiae 12cm Pot
Philodendron billietiae is a fairly easy plant to care for, but it still needs proper care to thrive. Here are some tips on how to care for Philodendron billietiae: Light: Philodendron billietiae prefers bright, indirect light. It can tolerate low...
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40 - 60cm Alocasia Jacklyn Elephant Ear 14cm Pot House Plant
Alocasia Jacklyn, also known as Alocasia Tandurusa is thought to be a mutation of Alocasia Portei from Sulawesi. This alocasia is an impressive houseplant that brings a simple, yet effective display into the home. Particularly effective in a scandi, minimalist...
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15- 25cm Alocasia Jacklyn Elephant Ear 9cm Pot House Plant
Alocasia Jacklyn is a hybrid variety of Alocasia also known as Alocasia Tandurusa, known for its large, dark green, glossy leaves with white veins. Here are some general care tips for keeping your Alocasia Jacklyn healthy: Light: Alocasia Jacklyn plants...
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