Plant Clips (Pack of 50)
Plant Clips (Pack of 50)
Holds and supports the stem without damage. Suitable for all plants. Indoor and outdoor use.
Soft Plant Tie 8mtrs
Very strong wire with a soft rubber coating. Perfect for holding houseplants on supports or mosspoles.
Houseplant Mist 300ml
Houseplant Myst is a new way to feed houseplants. A nutrient solution containing all the elements needed by plants in the right proportion and strength. It is formulated to suit most common indoor houseplants. Houseplant Myst contains mineral nutrients, organic...
Coir Mosspole 70cm Tall
Natural looking plant supports for indoor plants – sturdy and long lasting with plastic tube inside.
Mosspole Pins (Pack of 50)
Ideal for securing stems to coir and moss poles. Also great for floral wreaths.
Organic Leaf Shine 400 ml
A new, unique formulation with natural and organic ingredients, removes hard water deposits and dust. In the revolutionary and reusable Flairosol® atomiser for an extra fine misting from every angle! Alcohol and aerosol free Fresh, natural scent Unique product
Houseplant Drip Feeders 38ml (6 Pack)
Houseplant Drip Feeders 38ml (6 Pack) Houseplant Focus Drip Feeders contain a superior liquid formulated and manufactured in the UK for healthy growth and flowering of the widest range of houseplants.
Houseplant Repotting Mix 8ltr
Houseplant Focus Repotting Mix Peat Free is designed for the best results with the widest range of houseplants. It is free draining to promote healthy root growth. It contains sterilised soil, coir, composted fine bark, wood fibre, as well as...
Houseplant Feed 300ml
Houseplant Focus is a premium quality, balanced liquid concentrated fertiliser. Suitable for all houseplants.
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