Outdoor Spiral Water Feature Granite 82cm Height 35cm Width
Using water in garden has been a mainstay of garden design for centuries. The sound of running water and the look of it as it reflects the sun can be relaxing and boost your mood. This spiral granite water feature...
Water Hyacinth Lined basket on Legs 45cm Height 30cm Dia
Bring a Scandinavian edge into your space with this wide weave, water hyacinth lined basket. The rustic charm of this planter goes well with all your favourite houseplants, looking especially effective when planted with sansevieria plants whose flat, glossy leaves...
Outdoor Contemporary Water Feature Cement Height 81cm
This water feature is truly a statement piece. Combining modern geometric design with minimalistic colours this is the ideal water feature for anyone who wants to add a dramatic centrepiece to their outdoor space. The water pours out from an...
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