6 x 12cm Mixed Houseplants Box

House Plant
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Discover the joy of indoor gardening with our delightful Diverse Houseplants Collection, thoughtfully curated for enthusiasts who appreciate variety and surprise. Each plant in this collection is nurtured in a spacious 12cm pot, providing an ideal environment for a more mature and fuller plant growth. Perfect for enhancing larger spaces in your home or office, this collection promises to bring a fresh and lively touch to your surroundings.

Key Features:

  • Random Selection: Our collection offers a surprise with each order. You will receive a random assortment of houseplants, selected from our wide-ranging and vibrant nursery stock. Your collection might include the elegant draping of an Ivy, the striking variegation of a Dieffenbachia, the soothing green of a Spider Plant, or the robust leaves of an Alocasia.

  • Optimal Pot Size: The 12cm pot size is carefully chosen to accommodate more substantial plant growth, making these plants a striking presence in any room.

  • Diverse Foliage: This collection is all about diversity! You'll receive plants with varying textures, shades, and leaf shapes, ensuring a visually interesting and eclectic mix.

  • Easy to Care For: We select plants that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to care for, making them suitable for both novice and experienced plant owners.

  • Top-Quality Plants: Our plants are grown and nurtured with the utmost care to ensure they arrive at your doorstep healthy and vibrant.

  • Sustainable Packaging: We are committed to the environment, hence our use of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials to secure your plants during shipping.

Product Benefits:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Add a natural, calming element to your interior décor. Houseplants are known to enhance the beauty of any space they occupy.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Plants can improve indoor air quality and have been shown to boost mood and productivity, making them perfect for both home and office environments.
  • Ideal for Gifting: This collection is an excellent gift choice for plant lovers, offering a unique surprise element with each unboxing.
  • Learn and Grow: Each plant provides a new opportunity to learn about different species and their care, enriching your indoor gardening experience.

Please Note: The plant selection is random and based on current availability. While we cannot promise specific plant types, we ensure that each assortment is diverse and visually appealing.

Elevate your living or working space with our Diverse Houseplants Collection in 12cm pots – a perfect blend of nature's charm and practicality!

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    Our custom made boxes are perfect for transporting your new plants straight from our Yorkshire tropical nursery direct to your door. We use a next day DHL service as standard, allowing plants to be delivered as fast as possible.

    Check out our YouTube video to see exactly how we pack for safe delivery.

    • Plants are supplied in plastic nursery pots unless stated in the product title.

    • Plants are not for consumption unless stated as edible.

    • Plant heights can fluctuate +/- 10%.

    • Our plants are kept at our tropical nursery in Yorkshire where we maintain an average temperature of 18c.

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