Calathea & Maranta Potting Mix 2.5ltr

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The Calathea and the Maranta are two of the most popular houseplant species in the UK and are loved by veteran and novice growers alike. These hardy houseplants are able to cope with most soils, but if you want to the very best out of your plant then this peat free Calathea & Maranta Potting Mix is just what you need. This finely balanced blend of Charcoal, Coco Chips, Coco Coir, Bark, Pumice, Vermiculite and Worm Castings has been specially formulated by houseplant experts to give your plants everything they need.

The Calathea and Maranta love a lightweight and airy soil mixture that also retains water well. The pumice and vermiculite help to keep the soil moist and light whilst the charcoal works to maintain a good level of air in the mix. This creates the perfect environment to stave off root rot – a problem that calathea are particularly susceptible to. So, whether you buying a brand new plant or want to repot an old one, this mix should be the top of your list.

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