Alocasia & Dieffenbachia Potting Mix 2.5ltr
The Alocasia and Dieffenbachia are houseplants that will blow your mind with their beauty if given the very best growing conditions. This peat free potting mix provides you everything you need to unlock the full potential of these fantastic plants....
Syngonium & Epipremnum Potting Mix 2.5ltr
The Syngonium & Epipremnum are two of the most loved houseplants in the Uk, but unlike a lot of other plants they can be particular about the soil they are grown in. These are thirsty plants who love a lot...
Calathea & Maranta Potting Mix 2.5ltr
The Calathea and the Maranta are two of the most popular houseplant species in the UK and are loved by veteran and novice growers alike. These hardy houseplants are able to cope with most soils, but if you want to...
Ficus & Palm Potting Mix 2.5ltr
This mix has been designed specifically to create the perfect growing environment for Ficus & Palm plants in your home. We have used a blend of ingredients to provide a peat free mix that allows for free draining, water retention,...
Houseplant Repotting Mix 2ltr
Houseplant Focus Repotting Mix Peat Free is designed for the best results with the widest range of houseplants. It is free draining to promote healthy root growth. It contains sterilised soil, coir, composted fine bark, wood fibre, as well as...
Philodendron & Monstera Potting Mix 2.5ltr
The philodendron and the monstera are some of the most popular houseplants in the UK and are much loved by both novice and veteran plant growers alike. This wonderful potting mix has been specially formulated by houseplant experts to provide...
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