Syngonium & Epipremnum Potting Mix 2.5ltr

Houseplant Substrates

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The Syngonium & Epipremnum are two of the most loved houseplants in the Uk, but unlike a lot of other plants they can be particular about the soil they are grown in. These are thirsty plants who love a lot of water, but they are easy to overwhelm if watered enough. This course mix has been developed by houseplant experts to finely walk this line and provide your plants with enough water retention whilst still being free draining. The combination of charcoal and pumice mean that even if you do accidentally overwater your plant, the soil will still retain enough oxygen and structure to support your plant whilst combating any bacteria or microbes that may develop.

This peat free potting mix combines Charcoal, Coco Husk, Bark, Medium Pumice and Worm Castings to create a soil mix that perfectly balances the need for a moisture retentive soil that has enough drainage to not water log the roots of these sensitive plants. The structure of this soil mix is also ideal to allow your plant to develop a strong root system that can support the plant whilst not being suffocating by heavy soil. So, if you are just repotting an existing plant or planning to buy your own, this potting mix is the ideal solution to creating a happy and healthy environment for your plants to thrive.

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