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Outdoor plant pots provide a decorative, beautiful home for your outdoor plants and flowers. Our pots come in a range of sizes, styles, colours and materials so take a look at our full range and find something for your garden today.


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Ficus sunlight requirements: A complete guide

Ficus sunlight requirements: A complete guide

The Ficus is a family of plants with around 800 recognised species. They grow in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, but they all have near enough the same basic needs:...
Common Ficus Diseases and Pests to Look Out For

Common Ficus Diseases and Pests to Look Out For

The Ficus is a popular and easy to look after tropical houseplant that needs very little care once established and given its basic needs. However, like most plants there are some diseases...
Ficus Lyrata Benefits

Ficus Lyrata Benefits

The Ficus Lyrata is a powerhouse when it comes to benefiting you and your environment. In this guide we will take you through all the benefits that your Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf...

Buy Outdoor Pots Online

Plants and flowers can brighten up your garden, patio, balcony or any outdoor space. And, if you’re creating a display, the pots are just as important and can make or break the look of your space.

Buy outdoor pots and provide your plants with the perfect space to live whilst enhancing the look of your outdoor space. All of our pots are durable and we know you’ll find something to suit your garden. Outdoor plant pots are a great option for growing your own vegetables, growing herbs, flowers and other plants, as well as trees or fruit bushes.

Take a look at our full range today and find the right pots for your outdoor space.

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