Rhubarb Victoria (Rheum Rhabarbarum) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot
About Rhubarb Victoria Long established, popular main-crop variety producing an abundant yield of large thick red stalks. The stalks are not tough or stringy but are juicy and sweet with a tart punch! A very good low maintencance crop that...
Rhubarb Timperley Early (Rheum Rhabarbarum) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot
About Rhubarb Timperley Early One of the earliest rhubarb varieties that can be ready to harvest as early as February. Succulent red-based pink stems with a delicious sweet flavour. An excellent variety for outdoor production and forcing in winter. Once...
Rhubarb Champagne (Rheum Rhabarbarum) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot
About Rhubarb Champagne Reliable heritage variety that is easy to grow. This classic early cultivar is recognised as one of the best for forcing and arguably as one of the best varieties altogether! Long stems with a very sweet flavour...
Whitecurant White Versailles (Ribes rubrum) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot
About Whitecurrant White Versailles This popular early variety is the first whitecurrant to crop in the season. A heavy cropping variety producing masses of large, shiny, soft pale yellow/white berries in long heavy trusses during mid-late summer. The fruit is...
Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual (Rheum Rhabarbarum) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot
About Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual Superb all-round variety. The red stalks are long & tender and are reputed to have the lowest content of oxalic acid of all rhubarb. Early maturing, establishes quickly. Can be harvested lightly in the first year...
Rhubarb Stockbridge Arrow (Rheum Rhabarbarum) Fruit Bush 3ltr Pot
About Rhubarb Stockbright Arrow This superb Yorkshire bred variety has a growing reputation for being one of the best modern varieties of rhubarb available. Heavy cropper of long thick stems, dark red in colour, and topped with distinctive arrow shaped...
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