Coarse Charcoal 2.5ltr

Houseplant Substrates

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Adding charcoal to soil is has used as a way to condition plant soil since ancient times. Adding charcoal to any soil mix will help to lighten heavy soils, which will decrease the chance that your plants roots will suffocate. However, more importantly, the soluble rock will hold onto the nutrients in your soil and slowly leach them back in over time. This helps to keep your soil nutritionally rich for longer as it slows the process of beneficial nutrients being washed away by water. This will also benefit the helpful microbes in the soil that recycle waste and harmful compounds into things your plant can absorb. So, if you want a low cost, zero maintenance way to create an aerated and nutritious soil then this is the option for you.

Care Guides

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How to repot an Alocasia

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Are Alocasia plants poisonous?

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Alocasia Propagation Guide

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