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Complete guide to Bedding Plants

Summer bedding plants care guide

by Plants for all Seasons 10 Jan 2022 0 Comments

As the weather starts to improve and you start spending more time in your garden, you might decide you want to add a bit of colour. Planting summer bedding plants during May and June will help you to keep your garden flowering until autumn. They’re perfect for adding a quick burst of vibrant colour to your garden.

What are summer bedding plants?

Bedding plants are usually annuals which means they germinate, grow, flower and are removed within one year. So, when you buy summer bedding plants, they will make your garden look great throughout the summer months but they’ll need to be pulled out at the end of the season to make way for new plants the following year.

This means you can enjoy new displays every year. Summer bedding plants are perfect for filling the spaces around your garden where shrubs, perennials and biannuals don’t cover.

Why choose summer bedding plants?

Summer bedding plants will produce flowers for months until the first frost so you could find your garden filled with colour until November.

These plants can be grown from seed, bought as small plug plants or as fully grown plants in pots. At Plants for all Seasons, our summer bedding plants are provided in pots so they’re ready to plant straight into your garden and provide an instant display. They’re simple to plant, making them perfect for those with no gardening experience.

Summer bedding plants are available in a wide variety of colours so there’s something for every garden! They can be planted in beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets so will provide a decorative display in any garden, whether large or small.

What you should consider when buying summer bedding plants

To get the best results from your summer bedding plants, it’s important to choose plants that are compatible with your local climate and the conditions in your garden. Here are a few things to consider before buying summer bedding plants.

Where will you plant them?

Research the plants you’re buying and try to choose the ones that are most likely to thrive. There’s nothing more disappointing than buying new plants, planting them and then seeing them die back or wilt after only a few weeks.

Find plants that will thrive in the soil, light and drainage conditions provided in your garden. Different varieties of plant will prefer different conditions so this is something to think about.

When are you going to plant them?

Summer bedding plants that are sold in pots are ready to plant so should be planted in May or June. By this time, the weather has started to improve and the risk of frost has passed which will give your plants the best chance to thrive.

However, for one last burst of colour before the winter sets in, you could plant them in September or October.

At Plants for all Seasons, we stock a range of bedding plants to help you get the most from your garden every year.

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