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Dracaena Care

Why does my Dracaena have brown leaves? 

by Plants for all Seasons 10 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Brown leaves on a Dracaena plant can be caused by a variety of factors, including overwatering, underwatering, too much or too little light, pests, and disease. Here are some steps you can take to solve the problem:

  1. Check the soil moisture: Overwatering or underwatering can cause brown leaves on a Dracaena plant. Check the soil moisture by sticking your finger into the soil up to your knuckle. If the soil feels dry, it is time to water. If the soil feels wet or moist, wait a few days before watering again.

  2. Adjust the lighting: Dracaena plants prefer bright, indirect light. If your plant is receiving too much direct sunlight, it can cause brown spots or scorched leaves. Move the plant to a location with less direct sunlight, or use a sheer curtain to filter the light.

  3. Control pests: Pests like spider mites, mealybugs, and scale can cause brown spots or discoloration on Dracaena leaves. Inspect the plant regularly for signs of pests and treat with an insecticidal soap or neem oil if necessary.

  4. Trim off brown leaves: If the brown spots are only on a few leaves, you can trim them off with a clean, sharp pair of scissors. This will improve the appearance of the plant and prevent the problem from spreading.

  5. Repot the plant: If the soil is compacted or doesn't drain well, it can cause root rot and brown leaves. Repot the plant into fresh, well-draining soil and ensure that the pot has drainage holes.

In summary, brown leaves on a Dracaena plant can be caused by various factors, and it is important to identify the underlying cause to solve the problem. By checking the soil moisture, adjusting the lighting, controlling pests, trimming off brown leaves, and repotting the plant, you can help your Dracaena recover and stay healthy.

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