Rainwater vs tap water

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Whenever we can, we use rainwater to water all of our outdoor and indoor plants. However, as with any nursery, during very dry spells in the summer months, it can be tricky to get hold of enough rainwater so we have to use tap water.

Tap water contains higher levels of calcium and can leave white marks on the leaves of your plants. This is just a build up of the minerals in the water and is not an indication that there is anything wrong with your plants. As a result of occasionally having to use tap water, when your plants arrive, they may have small semi transparent white marks on them.

Rest assured we do not use pesticides and the tap water will not harm the plants, it’s just a by-product of how the plants have been watered in our care. If your plant is delivered with these white marks, all you need to do is wash down the leaves to get rid of the residue.

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  • Posted on by Sheila

    I received my 15-25 Philodendron and it looks lovely . To keep it looking good when should I repot it and how often should I feed it.
    Many thanks

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